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We can provide delivery service with in Saskatoon city limits for all of our catering orders. The delivery cost is $10.00 on orders, $20.00 on larger orders.  For out of town deliveries please contact us.

We require 24 hours notice on all catering orders.

Date for order:

Time for order:

Contact name:



Payment option:

Delivery method:

Delivery address:

Meal options:
Option A – Smoked Pulled Pork w/bun ($9.95) X:

Option B – Smoked Chopped Beef w/bun ($12.95) X:

Option C – Smoked 1/4 Chicken ($10.95) X:

Option D – Button Ribs (5-6 ribs) ($14.95) X:

Meal side option for above meals:

Extra Sides (minimum of 10):
Corn Bread ($2.00) X:

Cole Slaw ($2.00) X:

Mac Salad ($2.00) X:

Baked Potato ($3.50) X:

Mary Jane’s Caesar Salad ($3.50) X:

BBQ Beans *60 Limit* ($3.50) X:

Extra Buns ($0.50) X:

Extra meat (meat only):
Smoked Pulled Pork ($6.95) X:

Smoked Chopped Beef ($9.95) X:

Smoked 1/4 Chicken ($7.95) X:

Button Ribs ($11.95) X:

Do you need cups? If so, how many:

Pop selection: (cans $2.00/per - 2 Litre $4.00/per):
Are you ordering cans or 2 Litre?:


Diet Coke:


Serving tongs (+ $3.00):

Special request/message:

Please read before you place your order:
1) We require 24 hours notice on all catering orders.
2) Meal option sides must be identical sides in equal amounts to plates ordered.
3) Extra Sides may be ordered under “extra Sides” in minimum orders of 10.
4) May choose up to 3 meats per catered event in minimum orders of 10
5) All Catered meals come with Disposable Heavy duty Paper Plates, Napkins, Cutlery/Salt and Pepper, along with Schryers home made BBQ Sauce on the side. All Meats and Sides come packed in disposable foil trays.
7) Mary Jane’s Caesar Salad Comes premixed with dressing, real Parmesan, real bacon and croutons.
10) All catering is done drop off buffet style, we do not provide servers.
11) Our delivery range is within Saskatoon city limits, orders outside Saskatoon please call 380-3951 for more info.

Check here if you accept these terms.